The Cat and The Fiddle

A private folk and roots music school committed to supporting musicians and helping students learn & love traditional music. 

Devil in the Mill

Devil in the Mill brings the pulsing groove of Appalachian music to center stage. Weaving together fiddles and voice, supported with banjo, guitar and percussive dance, Devil in the Mill lifts up dancers and listening audiences alike. From haunting ballads to driving fiddle tunes, original music and traditional pieces reimagined, Devil and the Mill leaves audiences inspired and ignited after every show. 

Hemlock and Hickory

Expanding the horizons of trad, folk and oldtime music, Brendan Hearn and Dakota Karper create a duo of blended harmonies on fiddle, cello and vocals to excite and charm audiences everywhere.  

Passages Project

"Where Sky Meets Eternity"

Richard Anderson’s exploration of West Virginia continues with his latest film “Where Sky Meets Eternity.” This work documents a project involving twelve West Virginia artists, an endeavor which unfolded during the difficult pandemic years of 2020-2021.